Nagarkot Revealed: A Haven Above the Clouds

Nagarkot Info

Nature has been kind to Nagarkot. The place provides seclusion to the city slickers and throws them right back in nature’s comforting lap. The place has gained credits for establishing itself as the ultimate get-away from the noise pollution city folks are infested with. That is not all, the lush greenery, exquisite birds and flowers, the snow-capped mountains, and the naked hills enthrall people of every age, race, gender and geography. It is a testament to nature’s bounty. The wilderness is captivating; the “back to nature” call of the Romantic Era apparently fits right to “heading towards Nagarkot”. Furthermore, it is man who marveled at exhibiting nature in its glory by creating comfortable yet luxurious abode amidst; yet maintaining the synergy.

Nagarkot is favored for its seclusion yet it is hardly an hour’s drive from Kathmandu. Its proximity with Kathmandu is what makes Nagarkot one of the popular holiday destinations for the domestic tourism. Nagarkot is preferred by hikers and bikers; it also attracts crowds for its historical significance, for religious purpose and its unique cultures and lifestyle. It represents a microcosm of the vastness that is Nepal.

Moreover, its closest neighbors are Dhulikhel and Bhaktapur. If the local myths are to be considered, the reason we are flying to Nagarkot in numbers is merely an emulation of the practices of the kings and the aristocrats of the yesteryear Nepal since they too used to escape to Nagarkot on recess from the happenings of Kathmandu’s politics and its hot weather.