• The interior converts anyone into an aesthetician.

  • Snowcapped mountains on February 14, 2007

  • Country Villa Deluxe Room

Welcome to Hotel Country Villa

Hotel Country Villa is strategically placed on the top of Nagarkot hill, thus offering the best view of the spectacular show upfront. It encapsulates all the elements that set Nagarkot apart. It showcases nature at her best, and thereby catapults its dwellers to the romantic self and promises of a splendid stay.

It is only 28 km from the international airport. The hotel area is vastly spacious; it is spread in 2.51 acre land. It is situated at 7,200 feet from the sea level. Here, you float with the clouds and can give audience to the drama unfolding the spectacle of the sunrise and the sunset from very close.

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Executive Suite Room

$420 $ 435 per night (Max 2 people)

$420 $ 435 per night (Max 1 people)

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Deluxe Suite

$250 $ 275 per night (Max 2 people)

$250 $ 275 per night (Max 1 people)

7% OFF
Junior Suite

$210 $ 225 per night (Max 2 people)

$210 $ 225 per night (Max 1 people)

7% OFF
Country Villa Superior Double

$135 $ 145 per night (Max 2 people)

$135 $ 145 per night (Max 1 people)

9% OFF
Country Villa Deluxe Premium

$115 $ 125 per night (Max 2 people)

$105 $ 115 per night (Max 1 people)

10% OFF
Country Villa Deluxe

$105 $ 115 per night (Max 2 people)

$95 $ 105 per night (Max 1 people)

Places to Visit Near Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a great family destination. It has numerous fun-filled sites for you to explore during your amazing treat. In this blog, we look at some of these amazing places.

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Homemade Desserts

10% Off on Weekdays

  • Homemade in our Hotel Bakery 
  • Freshly Baked on per-order Basis
  • Gluten & Dairy-free Options Available 
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