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Gaurishankar Hall

It is designed keeping traditional sentiments intact. The paintings, the artifacts, the color coordination, the interior - everything echo of the rich culture and tradition of Nepal. However, modern amenities have not been compromised. It gathers a humble number of 175 people. Everything that is required for the smooth operation of a conference is facilitated.

Langtang Hall

This hall is spacious and has a modern touch to it. All you need to do is concentrate on work; the logistics are efficiently handled by the hotel staffs. Moreover, work feels stress-free and thereby people become more productive when working amidst natural beauty. It can house a total of 100 people at a time.

Flip chart board

Main Facilities


Hotels ensure guest comfort with well-appointed rooms featuring air conditioning.

White Board/Screen

Hotels offer presentation amenities with provided whiteboards/screens for guest convenience.

Soft (pin) board

For guests' notes and convenience


High-quality laptops, ensuring a good computing experience for guests

Mic System

Equip conference rooms with advanced microphone systems for seamless communication.

Meeting & Events

Flip boards for presentations and collaborative sessions convenience.

Public announcement (PA) system with cordless microphones

Concise communication, ensuring reach to all.


Equipped with LED TV for enhanced visual amenities in conference facilities.

Video conferencing facilities

Conference rooms offer advanced video facilities for seamless virtual meetings.

Over Head Projector (surcharge) projector

Conference facilities feature Overhead Projectors for effective presentations and visual aids.

Printing services (surcharge)

We also offer convenient printing services for guest's document and business needs.

Note Pad & Pens

Refresh your spirit, recreate your joy.

 If heaven has an address on the earth, it is Hotel Country Villa. It is not a hyperbole; you need to experience it to believe it. The hotel was built in 1996


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