Himalayan Restaurant

The restaurant has a seating capacity of 100 people. It also has an open terrace area. The explosion of unique tastes will gratify any connoisseur’s hunger for gastronomical excellence. The kitchen staffs and the ground staffs will cater to your every need. The savory of a host of beautifully prepared Chinese, Indian, Nepali, and Thai cuisines will leave you satiated. Everything that you see in your plate is organic and the herbs are grown in the hotel’s garden. Hospitality and service is something Country Villa takes pride in unapologetically.
The interior converts anyone into an aesthetician. It is after all designed by the celebrated interior designer Siddharth Gopalan, who has successfully left his mark on every inch of the area. Whether you rest outside with the hope to capture the unobstructed changing scenery with your naked eyes or camera lenses, or spend your time inside surrounded by opulence infused with food and warmth and conversation travelling in the room, the choice is yours.
Country Villa does not shut nature outside. Inside or outside, nature permeates everywhere. In addition, the extensive use of glass windows aid in creating the delusion of being outside and closer to nature. The indoor green plants, the wood (in its various forms), stone slabs positioned and utilized strategically in and around the hotel, is a perfect example of working in harmony with nature and natural products. Wood has been generously applied to give a natural look to the hotel. The interior of the restaurant is very pleasing to the eyes.


  • Breakfast 06.30AM – 09.30AM
  • Lunch 12.30AM – 03.00PM
  • Dinner 06.30PM – 09.30PM

Reservations+977- 1 -6680127/28