Places to Visit Near Nagarkot

Muhan Pokhari

Muhan Pokhari is an hour from Kathmandu (20km) and is located in Bhaktapur. This will be your favourite destination if you love water and waterfalls. Although the road from Bhaktapur is a little bumpy, it definitely is a worthy place to visit.

Moreover, if you love short hikes, there is a 30 minutes hiking trail starting across the river and leading towards the hill. Careful though, as the path might be a little slippery and steep initially. As you reach the top, 10 minutes further and you will reach a bigger waterfall where you can enjoy and have fun a little more.

The best place for a visit is during monsoon season as the water dries out in the winter. So the place is highly recommended for a visit between April-September.


Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trial

If you like hiking but aren’t so interested in long trails, the panoramic hiking trail at Nagarkot is the right trail for you. It is a short hike, averaging around 4 hours. It is friendly for beginners and offers breathtaking views of the mountains including Mt. Everest, Dorje Lakpa, Lantang Lirung and others.

The starting point of the hike is Changu Narayan Temple.

The day starts with the arrival from Kathmandu to Changunarayan which is less than an hour's drive. From there you will start your journey and make sure you bring your hiking gear with you. There will be friendly neighborhoods and a school which you could visit on the way to your destination.

As you reach Nagarkot, you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful sunset around 5-6 pm.

Our recommendation would be to stay a night in Nagarkot where beautiful hotels like Hotel Country Villa and Mystic Hotel are located and experience the mesmerizing sunrise the next morning which is the best part of the place.


Jarsing Pauwa

Jarsing Pauwa which is also known as Lapshiphedi is one of the unknown destinations but recently is becoming a tourist spot outside the capital valley which is best known for its tea garden, picnic spot and a natural environment.

How do we get there? Take a public bus from Jorpati to Jarsing Pauwa Bazar or go from Chabahil heading towards Boudha and Sankhu then reach Jarsing Pauwa.

Activities to do in Jarsing Pauwa:

  • Hiking
  • Picnic
  • Night Stay
  • Cycling
  • Paragliding
  • Trout Fishing


Buddha Peace Park

Another destination you may visit near Nagarkot is the Buddha Peace Park where the main attraction is the golden statue of Lord Buddha which you can visit for free 24 hours a day.

This beautiful place is an hour away from Kathmandu which is also a hiking destination for many leading toward Nagarkot. The hiking part could be challenging in some places but also rewarding where the view of mountains of the highest peaks is eye-catching and refreshing.

Overall the hike will take you approximately 3-4 hours from Bhaktapur while a 30 minutes drive by vehicle.

You could also plant a tree at the park for a minimal cost in honour of somebody or a special occasion.


Kalamasi-Bojini dam site

A place which is quite less heard and visited but an amazing place whatsoever. Kalamasi is located on the way to Nagarkot which takes a little more than an hour from Kathmandu while additional 20 minutes of walking to reach the dam site which is free for every visitor.

The place is obviously famous for its dam and many come for a dry picnic as the place is very quiet and lively. And yes, there are good restaurants and resort where you can stay for a night.

The place is clean and natural so make sure you carry a separate bag for throwing your dust and waste while not dirtying the dam side.