10 Things To Do In Nagarkot Pt II

  • 1. A great view of the Himalayas

If you are a Himalayan enthusiast, out of 13 Himalayan ranges, you can see 8 of them from Nagarkot itself. Clear sight of Jugal, Ganesh, Manaslu, Nagarkot, Annapurna, Rowling, Langtang, Mahalangur and the mesmerizing Mount Everest can be seen if the weather favors you. The best time, however, to witness a spectacular view would be early morning when the sunlight meets the massifs and you see the whole range turning yellow with its radiant glow.

  • Horse riding

Yes, you can opt for a horse riding trip around Nagarkot and create an unforgettable memory inside the pine forests. For that, excellent guides can take you around the unchartered territory and give you the most natural riding experience.  


  • Trekking from Nagarkot

Did you know Nagarkot serves as a base camp for some famous trekking trails? You can catch the famous trekking trails to Muhan Pokhari, Nama Buddha, and Melamchi. So, start off your day with the glorious view of sunrise and start trekking as the day proceeds.

  • Yoga

Have you been concerned about maintaining a healthy body, and physical shape while developing an overall healthy mindset? Then Nagarkot is a wonderful and peaceful place to explore things like yoga and pilates. Here are some excellent Gurus guiding you in giving rejuvenating yoga lessons. So, along with the adventures, you will also get to experience healing in the naturally pleasing atmosphere of Nagarkot. It will no doubt give you an incredible feeling!

  • Sit by the fireplace

All is well during the Summer season but in very cold weather it’s cozy to sit around a fireplace. Therefore, enjoy casual chit-chats with your close ones while sharing the warmth together on shivering nights. It’s going to be a fun and pleasant bonding moment!

Overall, come for a stay in Nagarkot for the breathtaking mountains, and immerse in the traditional culture alongside the lively cities. A quick escape for the city dwellers and a major attraction for international tourists, it has become a perfect place for parties, wildlife exploration, rejuvenation, and sightseeing purposes.

Nagarkot is a great place to visit whether it’s the dead of the winter or the scorching heat of summer. As the weather of this high-altitude destination is quite fluctuating, you must be wary of packing a pair of warm clothes, just in case! Other than that, this hilltop destination is a pure retreat.