10 Things To Do In Nagarkot Pt I

For all the nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s no secret that Nagarkot provides the best views of the Himalayas in the valley. On not-so-cloudy days, you can literally step out into the balcony and enjoy an astonishing view all around. The luxury of breathing in the refreshing air while residing in this paramount landscape is truly unfathomable. Also, to beat the hit of summer, many of us opt to relax amidst the cool climate and enjoy its gentle breeze. So, embark upon a journey where serenity embraces you in every corner.

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Now that we’ve established why you should visit Nagarkot today, let’s break down 10 things to do here:

  • Take the Nagarkot and Changu Narayan Hiking Tour

Can you imagine what it would be like walking in a pine-scented forest with birds chirping from every corner? Well, this rugged panoramic hiking trail will give you just that. Making your hike historically interesting, you can visit the pagoda-style temple where you can get a sneak peek of Nepal’s oldest stone inscriptions and manuscripts. Further, mingle with the people of Newari and Tamang villages for cultural blend and local cuisines.

  • Best views from the Nagarkot viewpoint tower

If you are someone who falls short on hiking longer destinations but wants to get a 360 view of the magnificent Himalayas in just an hour, Nagarkot is the place for you. Also, you get to witness a glorious view of the sunrise! It’s a picturesque scene at its finest.

  • Mountain biking

The adventurer in you will be immensely satisfied as the mountain biking trail in Nagarkot is extremely challenging. The trail extends steep downhill, straight uphill with terraced farmlands and forests which is considered quite a pleasant trip.

  • Paragliding

One might say Pokhara is the only place that gives an exuberant paragliding experience but Nagarkot has a charm of its own. It’s a perfect way to connect with nature and get a panoramic view of the valley. So, fly high as the birds and capture the encapsulating beauty of nature!

  • Buddha Peace Park

Are you someone who relishes the peace and the quiet? Well, this park is the perfect place for you to deal with some complexities in life and you need to relax. The giant statue of Buddha is the major attraction of the place and its golden blaze attracts lots of tourists every year. Similarly, the gardens in the park are idle walks with your family or loved ones and create fond memories. ?

To be continued in next blog...